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IDG Contributor Network: A.I. meets music: how new tech is changing how people play instruments

When you look at music, it’s hard to imagine the role A.I. will eventually play. It’s such an art form that you have to wonder if it’s conducive to automation and machine learning. But the more you study the growth of new technologies, the more clearly you can see the potential.

The convergence of music and technology

One of the beautiful things about music is that only a very select few people are capable of being successful. There are millions of people who can strum a guitar, play a simple tune on a piano, or maintain some semblance of a beat on a drum set, but there are very few who are truly talented. The Frank Sinatras, Michael Jacksons, and John Legends of the world only come along once in a generation. Music truly is an art form and that’s why people respect it so much.

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